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Centre for Applied Legal Studies (CALS)

CALS is a human rights organisation based at the University of Witwatersrand School of law. It is an independent organization committed to promoting democracy, justice, equality, and peace in South Africa; addressing and undoing the country’s legacy of oppression and discrimination through the realization of human rights for all in South Africa under a just constitutional and legal order. CALS aims to contribute to human rights literacy and the realization of human rights within disempowered communities through independent research, focused policy advocacy, and public interest litigation in the fields of housing, health, education, water, healthcare, and gender rights. The organisation seeks to accomplish its goals through undertaking rigorous research, writing, analysis, and briefings; teaching and providing public education and trainings, the collection and dissemination of information and publications; and legal advice and litigation, participation in policy formulation, law reform, dispute resolution and institutional development and coordination.

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ONG Dimension Humaine

ONG Dimension Humaine Logo.width 135Founded in 1998, ONG Dimension Humaine is a community-based development organisation operating in Togo. The organisation’s mission is to drive progress in communities by promoting solidarity, citizenship, and dignity, with the overarching aim of empowering all individuals in society with opportunities to reach their fullest potential. The NGO’s vision for 2030 is to see the perfect enjoyment of the rights of women and children, tax justice, a culture of transparency and good governance in (1) extractive industries, (2) in the process of developing and executing the national and municipal budget, (3) in electoral processes, (4) in guiding the destiny of neighbourhoods and towns and villages with the aim of, a significant impact on the reduction of poverty and the improvement of the living conditions of the various categories of population.

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Institute of Sustainable Development

Institute of Sustainable DevelopmentISD is a local organisation in Malawi working to conserve natural resources. It works with local communities in protecting forests, mountains, and Lake Malawi. The organization is engaged with the government of Malawi in the environmental policy formulation and promotes community awareness on policies related to mountain conservation. ISD promotes non-forest products and sustainable use of non-forest resources such as water and honey from the mountains to help the local community in the conservation of its mountains.

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African Mining Alliance


African Mining Alliance was launched with the goal of creating the most influential African Mining industry association. The primary purpose of the organisation is to serve the Greater African Mining Industry, which includes not just miners, but the whole spectrum of companies associations, government entities and individuals who play a role in the African Mining Supply Chain and Sustainable Development.

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African Resource Watch (AfreWatch)

African Resource WatchAfreWatch contributes to the successful management of natural resources and ensure that their operations provide economic and social benefits sustainable to States and African populations. AfreWatch works with communities to reinforce the ability of organizations to be involved in the natural resources sector. The organization also works to initiate and motivate legislative reforms in the area of natural resources. The organization aids with community organizing, documentation, research, litigation, organizing conferences, as well as training and education.

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Global Network for Good Governance (GNGG)


GNGG is a non-profit, non-governmental training organisation in Cameroon Law. It is dedicated to practical and country-tailored strategies and mechanisms to combat corrupt practices and to foster popular participation and transparency in the management of public affairs and honesty in private business transaction as a prelude to sustainable development.

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Initiative for Social and Economic Rights (ISER)

ISER logo

(ISER) is an independent organization responsible for promoting the effective understanding, monitoring, implementation, and realization of economic and social rights in Uganda. Their vision is ensuring social and economic justice for all. The mission of Initiative for Social and Economic Rights is to promote the effective understanding, monitoring, implementation, and realization of economic and social rights in Uganda.

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Jamaa Resource Initiatives

Jamaa Resource Initiatives LOGO Jamaa Resource InitiativesJamaa Resource Initiatives is a civil society organization advocating for communal participation and management of resources from resource rich communities. They work to explore the idea of self-reliance and community-led and resourced development. The work involves research, focused discussion, and debate on sustainability of development efforts by stakeholders throughout Africa. Jamaa Resource Initiative’s distinctive niche is based on one of the greatest challenges that confront the civil society sector, that of raising adequate resources to support development work.

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